Welcome to our series of self-guided e-learning modules! Several modules are available in two formats:

Full-length Modules – to gain a deep understanding of the Pyramid Model (2-3 hours, with certificate of completion)

Mini Modules – focused to refresh learning on a specific pyramid practices (15-20 minutes to complete)

Full Length Modules

Module 1&2 - Universal and Targeted Practices

Nurturing Supportive Relationships, High Quality Supportive Environments, and Targeted Social & Emotional Supports

In Module 1, we explore our views of children and our beliefs about their behaviour and learning. Participants will come to understand the importance of building meaningful relationships with children and families. Participants will also gain insight as to how the environment influences children’s opportunities for participation and engagement.

Module 2 will further help educators understand the importance of intentionally providing opportunities for children to learn and practice social and emotional skills. This includes strategies for:

  • Promoting positive peer interactions
  • Supporting children in recognizing and identifying emotions
  • Responding to children’s strong emotions to support regulation, and
  • Guiding children to become independent problem-solvers



Module 3 - Individualized Practices

Facing the Challenge: A Team Approach

This workshop takes a closer look at challenging behavior – understanding what it might look like, what it communicates, and how to respond to it. A process for creating a positive behavior support plan that prevents challenging behaviour, teaches new skills, and responding in new ways, will be introduced.


Routines & Visuals

In this module, you will explore how routines support participation and provide a sense of safety and security. You will also recognize the value of using visuals, as a multi-modal literacy, to enrich children’s participation.

Shared Behaviour Expectations

In this module, you will explore a process of creating shared behavior expectations. These expectations will guide how we work and play together in our space.

Emotional Literacy

In this module, we will unpack the intentional teaching of emotional literacy to better support young children to label, recognize and express their feelings.

Coming Soon


In this module, you will explore how to build on supportive and positive transitions to enrich the learning environment.

Problem Solving

In this module, you will gain confidence in supporting children as they become independent problem-solvers with peers and adults.